When you become a patient of Dr. Kesler’s, you’ll see right away how refreshingly different his approach is. Patients find that Dr. Kesler forms a bond with them almost immediately. He is able, in his unique style, to assure patients that they are not alone in their struggles. Dr. Kesler will seem like an old friend to you, yet someone who can guide and direct you to get to where you want and need to go.

Therapy First

Rest assured that although Dr. Kesler can certainly help you with medication therapy, he won’t suggest or prescribe medication unless it’s absolutely necessary. Rather, he prefers to try other forms of therapy first. And Dr. Kesler’s treatment is collaborative—that is, the two of you will work together to arrive at the best ways to achieve your goals. You and he together might find that something less conventional will work best for you, in addition to your one-on-one conversations with him. Dr. Kesler has the ability to “think outside the box,” formulating helpful interventions. In fact, if something works and won’t be harmful to you, it’s fair game.

Maybe Not Therapy?

You might be one of those folks who think, “I need some help, but I’m not sure I need a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.” Well, guess what? Maybe you don’t! Perhaps what you need is coaching. Dr. Kesler is also an effective, trained, and experienced coach. To learn how coaching is different from therapy, click here.
In any case, Dr. Kesler or his trained staff will be glad to consult with you, go over treatment options, and help you determine the best course of treatment.

Just Give Me a Pill

Maybe you’re someone who therapy just doesn’t appeal to—or you think that the only thing that will work for you is to have your doctor prescribe medication to treat your problem (and then help you manage and alter your medication as needed). Even so, we encourage you to keep an open mind and consider that therapy first, combined with medication only as needed, might actually help you more than medication alone. We invite you to consult with our staff to go over all the treatment options at no obligation to you. Then, if it still appears that medication alone is the way to go for you, we’ll be happy to give you the names of some of our professional colleagues who accept medication-only patients for treatment.