What’s Missing From Your Successful Career?canstockphoto10463265

Do you feel as if you are running a race to nowhere? Fast and hard?

Does your family life suffer when your business is doing well?

The Only Safe Way to Address Your Problem

When you’re President or CEO everyone looks up to you. Your team is relying on your strength, your vision, and your character. While that’s usually a good thing, some days it can start to feel like a problem. To share any doubts you have about your company, your team, your strategy, or your ability to lead could destroy morale or threaten their respect for you. Even if someone on your staff had good advice for you, there is a good chance that job security would override their urge to share it with you.

Being an executive is difficult. First, the skills that make for a fine chief executive are not necessarily appreciated by people outside of work. Second, executives don’t work 40-hour weeks. Many personal moments are interrupted by, rescheduled for, or shared with your job. Juggling both may seem impossible at times.

Sometimes even the people at the top need advice, so where are you supposed to go for it?

Life Ain’t Competitive Diving. You Don’t Get Extra Points For Degree of Difficulty.

Your staff already has enough to do and the last thing your friends and family want to do is spend more time working through your work problems.

That doesn’t mean you have to do this alone.

As an experienced executive coach, I can help you identify what your real problems are at work and at home and determine your blind spots. These blind spots are the limiting factors that caused you to be in this undesirable position. As your coach, I will devise a plan that utilizes your strengths to help you solve today’s problems and address your blockers to avoid future ones.

There are techniques and tools available for handling almost anything you may be facing – from stress, conflict management, disillusionment, discontent, frustration, apathy, marital discord, partner buy-out, mid-life crises, right up to ridiculous urges for tattoos and piercings.

And trust me, I’m not talking feel-good, new-agey, self-help techniques. These are actual scientific/data-driven methods for improving your approach to life and work.

I help high achieving people become even more effective, productive, and fulfilled.

How to Get Started

The first step is simple. Give me a call or shoot me an email. No commitment’s required, and you can count on getting something valuable out of our conversation.